mantra monday ii reflecting on 2018

Mantra Monday II: Reflecting on 2017

Dec 25, 2017

Author: Joe Lizz

Editor: Danielle Schoen

And just like that, it is already time to say good-bye to 2017! Whether this was the year you planned, or you fell a few steps behind, I hope you are grateful to have lived every day of it! This year was aHUGEyear for #teamblueridgehemp with new projects coming to fruition, new products being brought to life, and our own team expanding. 2017 has been the year ofmanifesting our goals AND making movesto make them happen. CBD edibles

Whether it’s the lessons we’ve learned (even those life has handed to us the hard way) or thosemacro wins,finding gratitude for all things is a great way to end one chapter and being the next. cbd oil pets

Earlier this fall I shared a post on my own personal Instagram account with this caption:

Even when we don’t think we could possibly ever be grateful for the harder moments in life, eventually that little light of gratitude can be found in all things.# Best Selling CBD TINCTURES by JustCBD

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