Fcukin Flava Collection 2019 ejuice evaluation

For some background details regarding the team behind Fcukin Flava, you can refer to this short article (Fcukin Flava Maker Profile). Fcukin Flava are just one of the oldest Malaysian ejuice brands that have actually been around because 2013. Today, we will certainly take a look at their Reduced Mint ADV Collection, Creamy ADV Series, FFX Collection and freshly introduced 2019 Pure nicotine Salt Line.

We will review the adhering to eliquids by Fcukin Flava:

1. Freezy Mango ADV Low Mint Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
2. Philippines Mango ADV Low Mint Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
3. Strawberry Jello ADV Low Mint Collection (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
4. Fcukin Munkey ADV Low Mint Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
5. Blue Tag Creamy ADV Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
6. White Tag Creamy ADV Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
7. Yellow Tag Creamy ADV Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).
8. Vanilla Rose FFX Series (50PG/50VG, 6mg).
9. Lime Gelato FFX Collection (50PG/50VG, 6mg).
10. Grapple Ice Cream FFX Series (50PG/50VG, 6mg).
11. Morning Crunchies FFX Series (50PG/50VG, 6mg).
12. Vanilla Tobacco Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
13. Banana Ice Cream Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
14. Cinnamon Roll Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
15. Cheesecake Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
16. Freezy Grapes Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
17. Fcukin Munkey Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
18. Smashin Lemonade Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
19. Philippines Mango Nic Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

Fcukin Flava ADV Low Mint Series (aka the red line).

The Fcukin Flava ADV Collection was really released as a ‘normal mint’ collection. This unique Low Mint collection was launched to cater for the European market that choose a reduced cooling note in their ejuices. The preference is exactly like their ‘regular mint’ ADV Collection (the one with black tags) except this variation contains a lot lower cooling notes.

1. Freezy Mango ADV Low Mint Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

Young ripe mangoes that is equivalent to Horny Flava’s Sour Mango. I find it remarkable exactly how 2 brand names can have a similar idea of a taste yet the implementation of it is totally different.

2. Philippines Mango ADV Low Mint Series (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

Ah – Philippines Mango is most definitely less pleasant contrasted to Freezy Mango. This mango has a positive soda and also carbonated character to it without any cooling notes which is awesome. I locate it bothersome when ejuice brands try to mask their flavors with too high of a cooling note which permanently makes your throat feel great after blowing away for 20 mins. The taste of this mango for me, is a traditional mango flavor that is not sickly sweet with a great fizzy top quality which makes it something like a mango soda beverage.

3. Strawberry Jello ADV Low Mint Collection (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

Wow – it truly is strawberry jello. The duplication of it is outstanding! It immediately advises me of plane jelly. You obtain that pleasant strawberry and a bit of raspberry flavor together with that identifiable jelly springy flavor. The sweet taste degree below is high, much like the jello. Moderate and also smooth on the throat for a 3mg. Just the method I like it.

4. Fcukin Munkey ADV Low Mint Collection (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

For my cash, this is the best honeydew bubblegum that’s around. With the sweet bubblegum aftertaste, you can not fail with this candy like flavour that’s full of honeydew taste without being sickly sweet. There is also an enjoyable carbonated and also bubbly high quality to this eliquid that mixes well in their recipe. It makes me think that this is something like a particularly prepared drink where you mix some simple soda water with mashed up honeydew pulp with a dashboard of bubblegum. Addicting and also not sickly pleasant. A plus for me!

5. Fcukin Flava Blue Tag (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

You obtain this sour cheese preference at first hit (which might be odd to some, most definitely strange to me). The buttery crust is there – it’s kind of a biscuit taste that you get. On the sweet taste note, i would certainly say that it’s rather reduced as well as not at all sickly sweet.

6. Fcukin Flava White Tag (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

On initially hit, you obtain the preference of luscious banana and also vanilla tastes. These 2 notes will be the most apparent preference as the fragrance is rather strong. After a couple of even more puffs, you will begin to get a minor berry taste that comes across as pleasant which praises the banana and also vanilla.

7. Fcukin Flava Yellow Label (50PG/50VG, 3mg).

Aha – i love butterscotch and i know it well in desserts. So i was anticipating this to ideally duplicate the preference of genuine creamy butterscotch. What did i preference? I tasted some butter blended with caramel as well as velvety notes. Not precisely a pure rich and also decadent butterscotch that I was seriously hoping for. The creaminess is not as high as some, however on the bonus side, it won’t be as gunky on your coils as some other Malaysian creamy juices.

Fcukin Flava FFX Series.

8. Fcukin Flava FFX Collection Vanilla Rose (50PG/50VG, 6mg).

We compare Vanilla Rose to Sirap Bandung – a preferred climbed syrup beverage in Malaysia that is made from evaporated milk as well as rose syrup. The results were unusual!

Watch it on youtube: https://youtu.be/7JR0Nef1Uco.

In sum, vanilla increased preferences more of rose water with vanilla notes. Not at all milklike or luscious as at first thought. Throat hit on the 6mg is quite mild. Sweet taste level is tool.

9. Fcukin Flava FFX Lime Gelato (50PG/50VG, 6mg).

On the initial puff, I immediately obtain a sourish and zingy lime with each other with a luscious pleasant vanilla centre. This is most definitely a velvety ejuice for me. I like the fact that i can easily taste as well as identify flavors that are evident and also tidy.

Watch it on youtube: https://youtu.be/KL2m3QigICQ.

10. Fcukin Flava FFX Series Grapple (50PG/50VG, 6mg).

When i vape this, it instantaneously advises me of grape flavoured sweet. The grape flavour comes with as well as it conveniently identifiable as well as clean. The apple on the various other hand helps to turn what would certainly or else be an easy grape taste into something a little bit much more one-of-a-kind. I would certainly state that the apple flavor is not as quickly identifiable as the grape flavor. You might claim that it’s probably 70% grape as well as 30% apple. The cooling note is extremely reduced yet after around 20-30 puffs, you do obtain that cooling note that penetrates your throat. Throat appeal the 6mg is rather moderate. In terms of sweet taste, it’s not excessively wonderful in any way and also simply nice.

11. Fcukin Flava FFX Collection Early Morning Crunchies (50PG/50VG, 6mg).

In the beginning, i believed this would certainly be a cornflakes Ok early morning crunchies is everything about crispy and also toasted rice. Best Selling may a flavour that you will enjoy if you like toasted rice grain. The milky notes are not overwhelming, its more of a vanilla and also toasted corn flavor with some little bits of sugar in the mix. Its not.

Fcukin Flava Salt Nic Series.

As the salt nic fad in Malaysia remains in full throttle, we have a look at the brand-new Salt Nic line released in December 2018/January 2019. Im testing these on the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod tool which utilizes cartridges of 1.3 ohm shooting at 3-4.2 volts. However simply keep in mind that depending upon the pod device you utilize, the tastes can taste extremely less extreme or extra extreme.

12. Vanilla Tobacco Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

Normally, im not a huge fan of cigarette flavors. I would state that this is mild tobacco flavored vanilla rather of hefty cigarette with tips of vanilla.

13. Banana Ice Cream Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

OK this is legit fresh and luscious banana gelato. No vanilla, no sugar, simply directly banana ice-cream. Actually appreciating this. Taste’s cosy and smooth with low sweetness.

14. Cinnamon Roll Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

Upon scenting this ejuice, i can inform that i’m gon na like it. At very first smoke, i preference brown sugar as well as bready flavors. Desire it was sweeter though which i assume would assist the tastes be more obvious.

15. Cheesecake Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

In the beginning, i suspected that this Cheesecake Salt Nic would taste similar to Blue Tag that is also supposed to be cheesecake. Certainly it is not! This cheesecake is better and also it seems they have improved upon the recipe. I much favor this cheesecake preference which is easier to determine and not jumbled with a lot of tastes. Nice job!

16. Freezy Grapes Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

This tastes of grape cordial or grape package drinks with some small fizz to it. Im conscious that they have the freebase version of this too but regrettably was not able to examine it below. As for preference, it’s type of boring, simply straightforward grapes for me.

17. Fcukin Munkey Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

No surprises below – tastes much like the freebase Fcukin Munkey reviewed above. I appreciated that yet this is much less sweeter. Love this.

18. Smashin Lemonade Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

After a while, i simply get the taste of lemons with not much fizziness to it. Obtains kinda old for me quick.

19. Philippines Mango Salt Nic (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

While this mango behaves, i still like Freezy Mango that has that special ‘environment-friendly and also young’ preference. Darn, i desired they had the salt nice variation of Freezy Mango!


Now that I have actually tasted each of these tastes, I can with confidence state that Fcukin Flava brings something different to the table. For me, their fruity freebase eliquids are the best wager for the majority of people. Their luscious ADV line did not thrill me yet their luscious Salt Nic’s were excellent. I believe I much choose their simpler and also simple to identify flavors as well as their fruity series seals the bargain for me. I will certainly rank the top 5 of their freebase line and also their Nic Salt line and also highlight any type of distinct preferences which I picked up.

Many Favourite to Least Favourite.
Sweet Taste as well as Air Conditioning Degree.
Quickly recognizable tastes?
Trick characteristic.
Fcukin Munkey.
Medium Sweet Taste and also Low Air Conditioning.
Very recommended. The honeydew and bubblegum preference is well sweetened without exaggerating it. Easy to vape throughout the day for sure.

FFX Lime Ice Cream.
Tool Sweet Taste and also Low Air Conditioning.
The similarity to solero lime ice cream is superb and the zing the lime gives me is simple as well as so delicious to enjoy.

Freezy Mango.
Low Sweetness and also Reduced Air Conditioning.

The ‘eco-friendly and also young’ mango flavor is incredibly addictive as well as is distinctively asian in my modest viewpoint.
Vanilla Rose.
Low Sweetness as well as Absolutely No Cooling.
It seems like vaping turkish joy which i never understood was possible. Perfect to reset my palate and to experience something a little much more unusual. The climbed water scent is amazing.

Strawberry Jello.
Medium Sweet Taste and Zero Air Conditioning.
Taste like plane jelly. A tribute to this jelly in my viewpoint. Wonderful and jelly like. Superb.

Top 3 Nicotine Salt tastes by Fcukin Flava ranked in order of most much-loved to the very least much-loved:.

Most Favourite to Least Favourite.
Sweetness as well as Cooling Level.
Quickly identifiable tastes?
Key characteristic.
Banana Gelato.
Reduced Sweet Taste as well as Absolutely No Cooling.
Extremely recommended. Promptly recognizable as well as real to description. Aromatic bananas and also some mild creamy notes which i thoroughly take pleasure in.

Cinnamon Roll.
Low Sweet Taste as well as No Air Conditioning.
Bready and dougy and not sweet. Pretty unique. Way much better sampling than the Creamy ADV Series which for me, taste a little bit jumbled.

Fcukin Munkey.
Low Sweet Taste and also Absolutely No Cooling.
I appreciated this as high as the freebase version yet the duplication is with no cooling notes. Still satisfying on my Mipod Device.

Today, we will take a look at their Low Mint ADV Collection, Creamy ADV Series, FFX Series and freshly introduced 2019 Nicotine Salt Line.

The Fcukin Flava ADV Collection was really released as a ‘normal mint’ collection. The preference is specifically like their ‘normal mint’ ADV Series (the one with black tags) except this variation includes much reduced cooling notes.

I assume I much choose their simpler as well as simple to determine tastes and also their fruity collection seals the offer for me. Way much better tasting than the Creamy ADV Collection which for me, taste a little bit muddled.